Emily's Mission


Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist

Specializing in Advanced Skin Care Technology & Oncology Skin Treatments

Emily’s skin care interest began at age 16 and by age 19 she had her first part time position in the beauty industry and has been hooked ever since.  In 2001 she opened her first Skin Care Studio in Calabasas.

When you place yourself in her hands, you will find Emily's Skin Care is a place where you will feel confident and comfortable knowing you are being treated with the best of care and experience.  

She feels it is very important and necessary to continue to expand her education, training and certifications in order to continue to provide results oriented treatments.  Having the most up to date training and knowledge in todays world of skin technology is essential.  Emily is licensed, certified and trained in Esthetics, Makeup Artistry, Oncology Skin Therapy Esthetics and also incorporates Restorative Healing Therapies such as Energy Healing & Touch Therapy into her skin treatment practices.

During her 30+ year career, she has worked in many divisions of the beauty and restorative healing industry utilizing a variety of professional skill sets.  

Experience:  Esthetics - Advanced Skin Technology Treatments & Equipment - Holistic & Restorative Energy Therapy - Makeup Artistry - Skin Specialty Education - Custom Blended Mineral Makeup 

Skin Care Product Training - Retail, Professional and Medical 

Oncology Trained & Certified - Oncology Spa Solutions

Restorative Healing Touch Therapy

Her professional career began in 1984 and has held the following positions:  

Sales - Marketing - Management - Trainer

On-site & Freelance Makeup Artist - Master Custom Blender - Educator

Salon & Spa Service Sales Consultant & Educator

February 2001 - Licensed Esthetician Certification


**Special note from Emily**

My clientele and skin care services are very important to me.  

It is hard to express how rewarding it is when you find your niche in life.  

I genuinely love what I do and sharing it with you.  

When I was a young girl I always dreamed of having my own skin care business.

However, I never knew my mission in life was embeded in my name.






Skin Care

I look forward to being able to help you maintain or achieve healthy beautiful skin through the proper treatments and technology available to do so.  

Providing you with the proper home care is essential to maintaining your new healthy beautiful skin.  

Recommendations are always provided to every guest of Emily's Skin Care.  

There are a variety of treatments, services, series and membership packages available for you.  

In addition, new treatments, equipment and products are added every year.  

Only the best for you, always.


Conditions Treated Include:

Acne - Anti-aging - Cellulite - Detoxing

 Fine Lines - Inflammation - Loss of Elasticity

Melasma - Pigmentation - Rosacea - Wrinkles & more.


Skin Treatments Include:

Acne - Anti-aging - Effluerage - LED - LightStim

 Oxygen - Microcurrent - Microdermabrasion

Vacuomobilization(Massage Cupping)

Oncology Esthetics - Skin Touch Therapy 

 Peels:  Glycolic - Glycopolymer - Kojic Acid

Lactic Acid - Salicylic Acid


Makeup Artistry:  Application - Lessons

Master Blender: Minerals premade or Custom Blended 

Certified Brow Artist:  Brow Design - Shaping - Tweezing

Specialty Waxing:  Brow - Lip - Chin - Face

 There is so much I can share with you.  

I look forward to seeing you soon,


Every Minute I Love Your Skin Skin Care